Puni Maru Octopus Magnet Stack Ice Cream/Cone Squishy

Puni Maru

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Explore a wide variety of Octopus and Cone styles with the Puni Maru Octopus Magnet Stackable Ice Cream/Cone Squishy. This rare first magnet squishy by Puni Maru is a must-have for any collector. With 10 Octopus styles and 3 Cone styles, you'll want to collect them all! Challenge yourself to see how many you can stack, and enjoy the scented PU foam that rises for over 8 seconds. This licensed and original package comes in blind bags, so you never know which Plain, Pink, or Brown Color Ice Cream Cone or Octopus Ice Cream character you'll receive. Remember, these squishies are not edible and should not be put in your mouth. Get yours today and add a touch of fun to your collection!



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