Hello Kitty 3D car side mirror decal-LOT Of 5 Sets

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Hello Kitty 3D GOLD side car mirror decal, LOT Of 5 Sets :) Each set has 2 pairs of decals. Can be used for any type of vehicle :)

DECAL PLACEMENT: Side Rearview Mirror, Back Windshield, Side Windows, ETC.


VEHICLE TYPE: Any make or model


  1. Clean area very throughly of and dust, dirt or debris.
  2. Allow area to dry completely.
  3. Remove paper backing the clear film will allow you to see placement.
  4. When you are 100% sure of placement press down on sticker very firmly.  
  5. Hold in place for a few minutes to assure adhesion to placement.
  6. Do not get it wet or go through car wash for at least 24 to 48 hours.

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